Novel Name : Greetings, Ninth Uncle

Greetings, Ninth Uncle Chapter 13.1 GNU Ch.13 Part 1 – Injured (I)

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Chapter 13.1 GNU Ch.13 Part 1 – Injured (I)

Because of Cheng Min’s visit, Yichun marquis manor had a reunion dinner after a long time. The tables were separated by gender, and the children were running around freely. Since all were elatives, the etiquettes weren’t so strictly enforced. Both the Old Master and the Old Madam were also happy to watch their younger grandchildren playing around.

Qingfu Junzhu’s biological son Cheng Enbao also came. After five years of marriage, Qingfu Junzhu was still childless, so old Madam Cheng took the initiative to give Cheng Yujin to Qingfu Junzhu. Later, Cheng Yujin’s adoption really brought good luck. Qingfu Junzhu was pregnant at the old age of thirty and gave birth to a son Cheng Enbao. This was the child she gave birth at her middle age, and also a precious male. One could imagine how joyful was the first branch. And at the same time, Cheng Yujin’s existence also became awkward.

She was given away as soon as she was born. Her birth mother Ruan-shi loved the children who grew up by her side more. Qingfu Junzhu obviously loved her biological son more. Only Cheng Yujin, who was caught in the middle, had nothing. Ruan-shi accused her of preferring a rich adoptive mother. Qingfu Junzhu also guarded against her, thinking that she was a white-eyed wolf who wasn’t close to herself despite the adoption grace.

Huo Changyuan said that she was too arrogant and not as lively and natural as Cheng Yumo. Of course they were different. Cheng Yumo didn’t have to avoid playing with mud when she was a child. But Cheng Yujin could only get her adoptive mother’s smile when she showed an outstanding performance.

Cheng Enbao was the only son in the first branch, and there was also a Junzhu mother who spoiled him. One could imagine how lawless he was, running around like a small cannonball, deliberately adding trouble to the servants, and tossing up the dishes so no one could eat. Cheng Yuanxian seeing the chaos his son made, and couldn’t help but shouted: “Cheng Enbao, what are you doing?! Don’t you have any manners?”

Qingfu Junzhu anxiously rebuked: “He is still young, why you need to shout at him?”

Qingfu was a Junzhu. Cheng Yuanxian didn’t dare to not give her a face in front of so many people, so he could only turn his anger to another person: “Jin’er, what are you doing? Still not taking care of your brother.”

Cheng Yuanxian’s voice was very loud and sounded especially harsh in the noisy background. Cheng Yujin immediately stood up with her head bowed.

On the other table, Old Master Cheng was stunned. He subconsciously turned to see Cheng Yuanjing’s reaction. The young man looked calm as usual, and the Old Master couldn’t read his emotion. Angry and nervous, the Old Master’s expression turned dark. He suddenly scolded Cheng Yuanxian: “Evil creature, whose name you can casually scold?”

Cheng Yuanxian, who got scolded, became confused: “What?”

However, soon he gradually understood. Cheng Yuanxian glanced at Cheng Yuanjing, who was sitting at one side. For the first time in many years, he noticed that Jin and Jing had similar pronunciations. When he shouted at Cheng Yujin just now, it was like he was scolding Cheng Yuanjing.

The atmosphere in the dining room suddenly fell into a heavy silence. Old Madam Cheng who was sitting on a separate table put down her chopsticks with an ugly expression. Old Master Cheng frowned and looked at Cheng Yujin. He used to call her the ‘eldest girl’ and rarely called her name directly. In addition, the old Master seldom took care of his granddaughters, and Cheng Yuanjing also didn’t grow up inside the manor. So the old Master never noticed that Cheng Yujin and Cheng Yuanjing names actually sounded similar. Although there was a subtle difference, it still a taboo, especially when Cheng Yujin’s name was called quickly.

Old Master Cheng said: “How does the eldest girl’s name be the same as the ninth boy? An elder’s name should be taboo for use. She didn’t know before because of her young age, but how can you be so ignorant?”

Cheng Yuanxian already felt unsatisfied because of his father’s blatant preferential towards this youngest son. The old Master’s words immediately made him angry: “I’ve only known the taboo of naming over parents and grandparents. When did we also have a taboo over uncles? Father, your partiality is too excessive.”

Old Master Cheng was furious. He slapped the table hard and pointed to curse at Cheng Yuanxian: “Absolutely disgraceful! You are idle all day, never learn and do nothing, cannot even be compared with one-tenth of the ninth boy. You aren’t feeling ashamed and instead still have the audacity of being jealous, even dare to speak badly about him?”

Cheng Yuanxian was also a man already in his thirties. Now he was being scolded by his father in front of many relatives and juniors. He wasn’t smart, and years of grievances suddenly surged. Disregarding the consequences, Cheng Yuanxian lashed out: “Father, do you still care about me, your other son? Over the years, you only care about that outside mistress and even raise a child from an unknown origin as your biological son. You never take notice of your own family. Now that second brother and I have grown up, what kind of face do you have to point your finger at me?”

Cheng Yuanjing turned his head down and staring into his wine cup. The light fell on his face, making his expression indiscernible.

Inward, the old Master completely scared out: Unknown origin? Dare to say that the crown prince had an unknown origin? Was Cheng Yuanxian crazy?

Seeing that their father’s expression wasn’t right, Cheng Min quickly called out, “Eldest brother! Father’s health isn’t good. Why did you say that?”

Shee then hurriedly tried to persuade the old Master: “Dad, brother is drunk and didn’t mean his words. I don’t know why he suddenly speaks like that, but he isn’t intentional. Dad, don’t be angry!”

Old Master Cheng was so angry that he couldn’t speak, his fingers pointed on tremblingly: “You…you unfilial son. Very good! Take out the family law, I will teach him personally.”

The womenfolks all stood up and anxiously gathered in a circle. When they heard the Old Master’s words, they hurriedly tried to dissuade him. Old Madam Cheng sneered angrily: “Very good. Who are you showing off to? Are you really going to beat eldest child on the ground of not avoiding taboo name? Where did this rule come from, since when a niece should avoid her uncle’s name? You just want to kill us mother and son. If I die, you can rightfully give your old lover a status, because leaving her as an outside mistress is humiliating!”

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