Novel Name : Greetings, Ninth Uncle

Greetings, Ninth Uncle Chapter 22.4 GNU Ch.22 Part 4 – Marriage Proposal (IV)

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Chapter 22.4 GNU Ch.22 Part 4 – Marriage Proposal (IV)

Old Madam Cheng finally acquiesced to Cheng Yujin’s actions. Mo’er innocence had been lost, and she was bound to marry Huo Changyuan. The old Madam was going to take this opportunity to put some suppression on Huo Xue-shi. But she didn’t think that Qingfu would also take advantage of Cheng Yujin’s victory to vent up indiscriminately. Old Madam Cheng didn’t want outsiders to watch Cheng family’s jokes. She coughed a little, and both Qingfu and Ruan-shi didn’t dare to talk anymore.

Old Madam Cheng looked at Madam Zhou: “Madam Zhou, I had caused you trouble with this visit. Letting you see this kind of thing, this old woman’s family truly lacks discipline.”

Madam Zhou laughed: “Nothing.”

“Since Madam Zhou has seen it, this old woman can no longer cover this matter, might as well tell you directly. Huo family had previously made a marriage proposal to the eldest girl, but broke it off inexplicably, and now came to propose to the second girl. Which woman can bear this insult, so the eldest girl comes to ask for justice; it’s nothing wrong. In the presence of Madam Zhou today, this old woman will make it clear to Madam Huo that Marquis Huo isn’t the only choice for my family’s granddaughters. If Madam Huo really wants to make another marriage contract, then show sincerity. If not, then it’s all for nothing. This old woman will rather let my two granddaughters cut off their hair and be a nun for a lifetime. Anyway, it’s still better than being trampled on the soles of your feet. Let them come clearly, and also go away clearly, this is for the best.”

“Old Madam, what are you saying!” Madam Zhou quickly reacted, “Why do things have to reach that point? Since Madam Huo comes to your door, she must be sincerely want to tie this marriage with your family. Isn’t that right, Madam Huo?”

Huo Xue-shi secretly cursed, all the good and bad things were all said by you people, and now she had become the evil mother-in-law. What else can she say? However, in front of Madam Zhou, Huo Xue-shi didn’t dare to shed all pretense of cordiality and barely smiled: “Madam Zhou is right. Of course I sincerely ask for your family’s second miss marriage with my son.”

“This is good.” Old Madam Cheng said, “As for showing your ‘sincerity,’ let’s talk about it next time. See the guests off.”

Huo Xue-shi gritted her teeth. Old Madam Cheng clearly took the opportunity to ask for a high-priced betrothal gift! Huo Xue-shi’s hatred increased even more. When she saw Cheng Yumo on her way out, her face became very ugly.

Truly a seed of disaster. Before entering the threshold, she already helped her natal family to scheme her husband’s property. Very good.

Cheng Yumo originally saluted Huo Xue-shi sincerely. In the previous life, she and Huo Xue-shi’s relationship was merely lukewarm at the best. But she was Changyuan’s mother after all. Cheng Yumo wanted to get along well with her mother-in-law as early as possible, but didn’t expect that Huo Xue-shi would look at her with such an obvious disgust.

First, her sister ignored her, and then her mother-in-law vented her anger at her. Cheng Yumo’s eyes suddenly flooded with tears. Her face twisted slightly. She looked at Ruan-shi and shouted helplessly: “Mother…”

Ruan-shi also saw Huo Xue-shi’s attitude towards her daughter. She couldn’t help feeling sad. Mo’er has already hated by her mother-in-law just as soon as she got engaged. When Mo’er really married into the Huo family, how should she living under such mother-in-law!

Old Madam Cheng sat in the hall for a long time. She heard the cry of the mother and daughter outside, sighed, and called: “Second branch, you come in.”

Then she said: “I’m tired, send the eldest madam out. You guys go out too.”

When Qingfu walked out, she sneered at Ruan-shi and went back satisfied. The servants all went out and closed the door gently.

All of a sudden, only old Madam Cheng, Ruan Shi, and Cheng Yumo were left in the hall. After closing the door, the room became gloomy and dark. Cheng Yumo suddenly felt an inexplicable fear. This didn’t happen in her previous life, and she instinctively felt alarmed, as if the future she knew was slowly changing.

Old Madam Cheng asked, “Second girl, are you really want to marry Marquis Jingyong?”

Cheng Yumo calmed herself down. She remembered how good her relationship with Huo Changyuan in her previous life was. However, after only several years, she died of infectious disease. In this life, of course she has to live with Changyuan again.

Cheng Yumo calmed down and said, “Yes.”

“Have you figured it out clearly?”

Why did the old madam ask such a question? Cheng Yumo didn’t understand old Madam Cheng’s intentions. She even felt that the old Madam was talking oddly. Was she implicitly scolding this new engagement? Cheng Yumo secretly pursed her lips and said more firmly: “I have figured it out clearly, I am willing.”

The vague hope in Ruan-shi’s eyes was gone, and old Madam Cheng also sighed. Now Cheng family was on odds with Huo family, and Cheng Yujin was by no means willing to suffer. She would definitely push all the faults on the Huo family. Cheng Yujin’s words had completely angered Huo Xue-shi, why should she show a good face to Cheng Yumo?

Unfortunately, Cheng Yumo couldn’t even understand such a simple truth. Obviously they were twin sisters, but hers and Cheng Yujin’s ability was too far apart.

Old Madam Cheng has given Cheng Yumo a chance. Since she was willing, then just let it be.

Cheng Yumo vaguely saw that her grandmother has agreed. But she did not understand why grandmother should sigh, isn’t it supposed to be a happy event? After sighing for a while, the old Madam suddenly spoke with a cold and harsh tone: “Second girl, you are our family’s young miss, so I will give you a face and never mention it again after leaving this room today. But you have to know. A woman’s life after marriage is already hard enough, but you, your innocence has been lost, and the path you take will be much more difficult than that of others. Our family can only protect you until here. Whether you can live well afterward depends on your own skills.”

Cheng Yumo didn’t know why the old Madam suddenly said this. But when she heard ‘your innocence has been lost,’ the color on her face instantly gone.

Cheng Yumo bit her lip: “Grandmother…”

“Don’t worry. It also involves the reputation of all women in our family. I will never mention this matter to anyone again.”

Cheng Yumo was a little relieved. But for an unknown reason, she asked: “What about eldest sister? Will grandmother tell her?”

“Eldest girl?” old Madam Cheng sneered, her eyes looking at Cheng Yumo were full of sympathy. “You think you can hide from her? She has long known it.”

Cheng Yumo suddenly felt as if a basin of ice water was being poured on her. Her face was pale, and her limbs were cold.

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