Novel Name : Greetings, Ninth Uncle

Greetings, Ninth Uncle Chapter 46.1 GNU Chapter 46 Part 1 – Shizi (I)

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Chapter 46.1 GNU Chapter 46 Part 1 – Shizi (I)

Two young boys were standing nearby. The taller one was wearing a red robe and holding a majestic-looking dog in his hand. With his order, the dog galloped out like lightning.

Next to the little young master in red was a younger boy in white clothes, looking around four or five, staring at the black dog with envy. The two children were very young, so a crowd of attendants followed behind them. No one was surprised at this situation, and they simply watched their respective young master attentively, like an apple in their eyes. Anyway, it was just a servant girl. Nothing serious could happen. It’s good as long as the young master was happy.

When the servant girl walked into the garden with a tray, a black and fierce-looking dog suddenly jumped out from the side. The servant girl was shocked and fell to the ground with a scream. The dog was of a high-quality and expensive breed, with slender limbs, a thin waist and legs, a keen sense of smell, and could run extremely fast. It was a specialized hunting hound, and Erlang Shen’s Xiaotian dog1 was based on this breed of hound. It happened that this young master also named his dog ‘Xiaotian Dog.’ This dog was smart. Seeing the servant girl fell to the ground, it took the opportunity to jump on and searched for the pendant ordered by the little master.

Seeing such a fierce dog with scary teeth at close range, the servant girl was so scared that she almost fainted. She wanted to run, but couldn’t stand up and could only shout in despair. There were many Yichun Marquis manor’s servants in the garden. Hearing her scream, they wanted to come forward to help, but hesitated after seeing their third young master standing not far away.

Inside the garden, the servant girl’s cry was particularly conspicuous, but the red-clothed young master was so amused that he clapped his hands and laughing. Seeing him like this, the expression of Yichun Marquis manor’s servants became uglier and uglier, but they didn’t know what to do.

When they were completely at a loss, a figure came out from behind a vine tree and commanded with a slightly raised tone: “A fierce dog is making trouble inside the manor. Why don’t you drive it out?”

When the servants heard this voice, they were momentarily stunned. After looking back and saw Cheng Yujin, they finally found a backer and were overjoyed: “Yes!”

It’s just one dog. Even though a servant girl wasn’t its opponent, with so many gardeners and other servants, could they still unable to subdue it? Everyone stepped forward with all hands and feet, and soon trapped the dog. Du Ruo helped the servant girl who fell on the ground and comforted her gently: “Don’t cry. Eldest Miss is here.”

When the servant girl heard Cheng Yujin’s name, her fear changed into joy. Her tears still came down heavily, but her sobbing gradually stopped. When Cheng Yujin saw the servant girl’s arms and the back of her hands were scrapped bloody by the pebbles on the ground, she sighed and said: “Help her down and rest. She doesn’t have to do errands today. Du Ruo, go and deliver one bottle of wound salve and two broken silvers to her later. Consider it medicine money from me.”

The servant girl was taken aback. She sobbed and said, “How can I accept it…”

“Take it.” Cheng Yujin’s tone was not too heavy, but it brought forth an authoritative aura that couldn’t be defied, and the servant girl no longer dared to try to refuse.

The young master in red was still watching happily when a group of servants suddenly rushed to catch his dog. He was so displeased and pointed his fingers at the crowd: “Impudent! Lowly creatures, don’t you dare to touch this young master’s dog!”

When Cheng Yujin heard the loadful of crap from the child’s mouth, her eyes became cold. Today, the children who came to Yichun Marquis manor were not many, and there was probably only one with such arrogance and unruliness. If she guessed right, this should be the shizi of Duke Cai, Zhai Qing.

Old Madam Zhai doted on this grandson, but Cheng Yujin wouldn’t. Her face was indifferent, as if she has just seen Zhai Qing now, and said: “It turns out that Cai Duke manor’s young master is also here. I am just about to deal with a wild dog, and didn’t even see shizi. Shizi, please wait a moment. After I remove this vicious dog and let people beat it to death, I will show you around the garden.”

“Dare you!” Zhai Qing was furious. No matter at home or outside, he has always been flattered and pampered, and everyone followed his every will and demand. People couldn’t wait to hold him on the cusp of their palm, who ever dared to touch his things? Now that Cheng Yujin was going to kill his precious hound, Zhai Qing was shocked beyond belief. He couldn’t believe that there were people in the world who were not afraid of him: “That’s my dog, how dare you!”

“Oh, it turns out that this dog has a master.” Cheng Yujin responded indifferently. “I thought that this kind of dog that runs rampant and hurt people in public is a wild dog who is raised but not disciplined.”

Zhai Qing was still young. He couldn’t understand the mockery behind Cheng Yujin’s words, but he vaguely noticed that Cheng Yujin’s indifferent tone didn’t seem to contain goodwill. Zhai Qing snorted and said haughtily: “Since you know who this young master is, hurry up and let go of my Xiaotian dog.”


Y’know… this brat’s father and grandma are looking for a ‘virtuous’ stepmother for him. But I think anyone who doesn’t straightly throw him into a pit full of sh*t is already very virtuous.

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Erlang Shen is a war deity in mythological China, said to be accompanied by Xiaotian Dog (Howling Celestial Dog) with the ability to subdue evil spirit.

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