Novel Name : Greetings, Ninth Uncle

Greetings, Ninth Uncle Chapter 1.2 GNU Ch.1 Part 2 – Side Character (II)

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Chapter 1.2 GNU Ch.1 Part 2 – Side Character (II)

Last year in the twelfth month, Cheng Yujin followed her mother to stay in a hot spring villa. Ning Wang’s territory was in the south, even after married to the capital for so many years, Qingfu Junzhu was still not used to the winter here. An imperial clan’s daughter was naturally wealthy, and one of the estates owned by Qingfu Junzhu had a special hot spring. Qingfu Junzhu went out for a trip, it would look bad if she didn’t invite her sisters in law, and the young misses naturally followed their mothers.

Cheng Yujin, as the eldest di daughter of Qingfu Junzhu, was of course tagging along. Unexpectedly, after they arrived at Xishan, the capital city and surrounding area continued to snow heavily for three days and three nights, closing the mountain road and trapping the family on the estate.

Qingfu Junzhu had already sent their family servant down the mountain to report, so they only had to stay in the estate, waiting for the marquis manor to send workers to clean the road and pick them up. Qingfu Junzhu still leisurely enjoyed the hot spring, but Cheng Yujin found that her second sister was missing.

Her second sister Cheng Yumo was the only daughter of the second branch. She was the apple in the eyes of the second branch master and his wife Ruan-shi. And now their beloved daughter was missing during her stay at the main branch’s vacation estate. Worried about Cheng Yumo’s reputation, Cheng Yujing didn’t dare to let the matter spread out, so she secretly sent some older female servants to guard the road, and let Lian Qiao inquire about Cheng Yunmo’s whereabout.

Unexpectedly, after one night, Cheng Yumo still did not come back. Cheng Yujin knew that the matter was serious. She didn’t dare to make her own decision, and thus went to Qingfu Junzhu early that morning to report the incident. Qingfu Junzhu also taken aback. She wasn’t close with the second branch, but if their di daughter was missing on her estate’s premise, then she would be the one who shouldered the blame. Yesterday Cheng Yujin has searched the whole estate, so Qingfu Junzhu had no choice but to send a search team to the mountain area.

When Cheng Yujin interrogated Cheng Yunmo’s personal servant girls, they told her that last night, the snowfall suddenly ignited their Miss’ poetic inspiration, so she went out to admire the snow and was missing since then. Greatly displeased, Cheng Yujin immediately took several servants and personally went to search for Cheng Yunmo on the path mentioned by the servant girls.

How big is the back mountain, plus it was snowing, making it impossible to identify the direction. The snow also hindered their steps. At this speed, it would be impossible to scour the whole mountain, so they had to disperse and search separately. Cheng Yujin took Du Ruo, and after a while, they found a mountain cave.

There was a cave, and the entrance also has some cover, so someone must take shelter here! Cheng Yujin hurried over, but instead of Cheng Yumo, she found an unconscious man.

In fact, according to Cheng Yujin’s temperament, she wouldn’t take notice of an outsider male of unknown origin. What relation did his life and death have with her? But thanks to Cheng Yujin’s sharp eyes, she saw a private seal on the man’s body.

Huo Changyuan, northwest guard army.

Huo Changyuan? The famous general currently in favor in the court, the youngest marquis of current dynasty, that Jingyong Marquis Huo Changyuan?

Very good. Cheng Yujin decided to save him.

Cheng Yujin ordered Du Ruo to lay Huo Changyuan’s body flat. An adult male was heavy, Du Ruo alone couldn’t do it, so Cheng Yujin also squatted down and helped. When she was holding Huo Changyuan’s arm, the man woke up in a daze. He felt people’s presence beside, and tried his best to open his eyelids. In the half-dark cave, he saw a beautiful and delicate woman leaning on him. She was vibrant and warm, an alluring girl.

“It’s you?”

Cheng Yujin didn’t understand. Obviously, she was the only one in his line of sight, why did he ask, ‘it’s you’? Did he mistaken herself as a ghost?

Of course, Cheng Yujin, the perfect standard for all noble girls in the capital, wouldn’t say that aloud. She nodded slightly and smiled gently: “Marquis, please at ease. I am the eldest granddaughter of Marquis Yichun. My mother’s estate isn’t far away. After a moment, I’ll call someone to lift you back.”

Huo Changyuan seemed to feel relieved. After taking a deep look at her, he closed his eyes and fainted.

After a while, the people she called finally arrived. The servant boy who brought a stretcher said, “Reporting eldest young Miss, second Miss has been found and the Junzhu call you back.”

Cheng Yumo has been found? Perfect, she didn’t have any intention to get frozen outside, pretending to be a loving sister.

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